Pain And Fainting Spells

Children who experience trauma, disputes, anxiety, difficulty in dealing with the expectations in this competitive world; sometimes display physical or changes in the consciousness. Child may report aches and pains in the body (soma) or sometimes dissociate (faint) as an unconscious mechanism to deal with the difficult circumstance. It can also involve sudden regression, loss of consciousness, forgetfulness, feeling the presence of ‘other’ internally, feeling strange and disconnected from the external world. Children sometimes complain of recurrent multiple somatic complaints which are not accounted for by any underlying physical illness. Complaints like pain in stomach, head, hands, feeling of inability to walk.

Signs to look out for:
Inconsistent consciousness.
fluctuating attention, such as trance or “black outs.”
Forgetfulness of the time period of fainting and fluctuations in access to knowledge.
Rage episodes and regressions (talking immature and becoming suddenly dependant).
may reflect imaginary friends that control the child’s behavior may reflect disorganization in self.
Lying/denial or minimizing of serious incidents even when eyewitnesses are available to prove the contrary.
Gazing, excessive ‘daydreaming’.
Inconsistent performance, one point is able to do studies and the next the child is not able to do.
Pre-occupation with fantasy figures (like ghosts) even in an environment where it would be expected that the child would be able to remain in reality.
In appropriate display of emotions.
If dissociation in children can be identified early, it is relatively easy to treat and can prevent the development of more severe dissociation and mental health problems in adolescence and adulthood.