Time Management

Children sometimes find it difficult to organize themselves or manage their time better; being impulsive brain children are highly stimulated and swayed by environmental distractions. Children sometimes don’t have inborn cognitive development to deal with rapid changing world and day to day changes as effectively as adults. Thus, in order to cope with demands like academics, extra-curricular, friends, play time, TV, computer, completing homework, going to tuitions, and other coaching classes, etc need help to better organize their time.

Time management is one the ways of thinking, planning, organizing and prioritizing skill that helps one to complete tasks on time. In children, helping make a time table, breaking tasks down by planning how long it will take at doing something. In this children are helped to learn to follow step by step instructions, completing work on time and not delay or procrastinate. If children are not trained at an early age in this skill effectively, they sometimes spend the rest of their life breaking things even for themselves.

Tips for time management
Give your children some break even time to settle before beginning a task.
Provide a clock or visual timer and help them see their time spent on tasks.
Provide a quiet place, free from TV or other distractions, where your children can sit and work without interruption.
For stubborn kids best strategy is to have your children complete their homework in a place where you can keep an eye on them. If they need some help, give it to them. If your children refuse to do their homework, keep them in front of the books and away from other activities until bedtime. Stubborn children may sit there for a night or two, but they will quickly get the message.
Help them make a ‘to do’ list.
Plan free time, play time family get-together time and also friend’s time.
Create a calendar for the week Include special events and after-school activities, as well as school deadlines and tests.
Along with helping them to plan their week or follow a time management plan, it is important to keep in mind that this is being done not to achieve short term goals but also to inculcate long term time management skills in children.