School Refusal

School refusal refers to difficulty in going or staying in the school. Some kids are afraid to go to school, while others have developed a learnt behavior pattern based on reinforcements experienced on missing school. School refusal behaviors can vary from complaining of aches and pains in the morning, refusing to dress, reluctance to do daily hygiene activities and a lot more.

Some children can experience school phobia, refers to kids who are afraid of something specific at school, most of these children want to go to school but find themselves in a complex state of not being able to express what disturbs them. This can be rare in children.

School based refusal can be triggered by excessive teasing, taunting, bullying, verbal or physical assaults or intimidation, maltreatment from peers, school officials, or others. It can involve emotional or psychological disturbance a child experiences at home or reinforced disruptive behaviors due to poor parenting practices.
Internal factors can also contribute to school refusal tendencies like, anxiety in children to face social situations, poor academic performance, severe rejection or low mood due to interpersonal conflicts with peers. Children are exposed to multitudes of situation in and out of school which can contribute to their tendency of avoiding the school and being at home which provides a closed comfortable environment.

When a child is having trouble attending school, may show some of the following signs:
sadness or moping about having to go to school
Irritability and low interest in activities
Unusual clingy behavior or crying spells
Frequent urination or fearing people and situations
Trouble sleeping, having frequent feverish body
Becoming difficult by kicking, screaming or throwing books and showing tantrums
Lying or running away from home
Not able to make friends at a new school
Don’t fight, yell, lecture, criticize, negotiate, beg, or bribe your child to go to school. Discuss, study the pattern, identify emotions, observe change and seek help.